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These products are now NSF® Certified:

CUVAN® 303 Metal Deactivator - HX-1, 138995, VANLUBE® RI-A Lubricant Additive - HX-2, 139738, VANLUBE® 73 Lubricant Additive HX-2, 137553, VANLUBE® 81 Antioxidant - HX-1, 143815, VANLUBE® 829 Lubricant Additive - HX-2, 138302, VANLUBE® 961 Lubricant Additive - HX-1, HX-2, 135573, VANLUBE® 7611M Lubricant Additive - HX-2, 136048, VANLUBE® 7723 Antioxidant - HX-1, HX-2, 136049 and VANLUBE® 9123 Lubricant Additive - HX-1, HX-2, 135575

  • CUVAN® 303 Metal Deactivator

    NSF Certified: HX-1, 138995 - CUVAN 303 is an oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor and metal deactivator for lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids. As a corrosion inhibitor, it is effective in protecting copper, copper alloys, cadmium, cobalt, silver and zinc. As a metal deactivator, CUVAN 303 inhibits oxidation by chelating metal ions that catalyze oxidation. Recommended treat levels are from 0.05 to 0.20 mass percent.

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  • VANLUBE® 81 Antioxidant

    NSF® Certified HX-1, 143815 - VANLUBE 81 is a better high temperature oxidation inhibitor because of its high purity and high p,p'-dioctyldiphenylamine content. VANLUBE 81 can be used in a variety of petroleum and synthetic lubricants where an ashless oxidation inhibitor of good high temperature properties is needed. Effective in silane, siloxane, silicone and diester fluids at concentrations of 0.5 to 2.0 percent and temperatures of 400 to 500°F. In lubricating greases VANLUBE 81 is effective in both oxidation bomb tests and in high speed spindle tests. Siloxane greases containing two percent VANLUBE 81 have given outstanding results in bearing performance tests at 350°F. Has good color stability.

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  • VANLUBE® 7723 Antioxidant

    NSF® Certified: HX-1, HX-2, 136049 - VANLUBE 7723 is a general purpose, ashless antioxidant which should find application in petroleum lubricants of all types. It is effective at economical concentrations, readily soluble, and easy to blend. VANLUBE 7723 has been tested in a variety of base stocks commonly used in compounding turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils. In addition to being an effective antioxidant, VANLUBE 7723 also exhibits good extreme pressure performance alone and in combination with other additives. Useful as a component of additive packages.

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