Specialty Water Based Accelerators

SETSIT® 104EZ Accelerator

A water-soluble/water-miscible activated dithiocarbamate, which no longer requires this additional step of straining prior to use. SETSIT 104, does not crystallize as do other sodium dithiocarbamates, eliminating the need to strain or process the product before use. SETSIT 104 provides all the benefits of the SETSIT product line. SETSIT 104 liquid accelerator is freeze/thaw stable, incorporating easily in to the latex, both when diluted and at full concentration. No preparation or pre-processing is required, making accurate volumetric measurements fast and easy.
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SETSIT® 5 Accelerator

SETSIT 5 works well in both NR and SBR latexes. This product should be used as a primary accelerator. Additionally SETSIT 5 can also be a secondary accelerator for thiazole activation.
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