Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

SONGNOX® 1010 Antioxidant

This primary antioxidant is for use in PE, PP, PA, PVC, POM, and elastomers. Its effectiveness in polymer processing is enhanced by its ability to reduce viscosity and gel formation. It provides long-term heat stability and protects physical properties both during storage and use of the end product. It exhibits a synergistic effect when used in combination with secondary antioxidants such as SONGNOX® 1680. This product is usable with SONGSORB® UV Absorbers and SONGLIGHT® Light Stabilizers for thermal and light stabilization in outdoor applications.

Physical Form/Product Number:
Free Flow (FF) 37927
Powder (PW) 37913

SONGSORB® 2340 PW UV Absorbers

This product is a strong absorber of UV radiation in the 300 - 400nm region. This product has a high degree of photostability. It is particularly suitable for applications characterized by high surface area such as films and fibers. This product has low volatility, which makes it excellent for applications involving high-temperature processing. It is usable in combination with SONGNOX® Antioxidants and SONGLIGHT® Light Stabilizers to optimize performance in outdoor applications.
Songwon Product Legend

Songwon Product Legend

FC (Fusion Crystal) FF (Free Flow) FG (Fine Grind) LD (Low Dust) LQ (Liquid) PW (Powder) SB (Semi Bead)
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