Crosslinking Agents

VANAX® MBM Powder Accelerator

Used as a coagent in peroxide-cured polymers. An accelerator in conjunction with SULFADS® PWDR Accelerator and VANOX® NDBC Antioxidant. Minimizes reversion in sulfur-cured elastomers. Very effective coagent for EPDM at lower levels than Trimethylolpropane Trimethacrylate (TMPTMA), but doesn't lower compound viscosity.

VANAX® 829 Accelerator

VANAX 829 is a high performance thiadiazole used to crosslink chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), which possesses good heat and solvent resistance suitable for many hose, tube, and duct applications, as well as the abrasion and environmental resistance required by Wire & Cable jacketing. CPE can be crosslinked by either a peroxide or thiadiazole. However, peroxides develop a tacky surface if exposed to air, as can occur in extrusion applications. The traditional thiadiazole cure (Echo® A) suffers from poor bin storage stability and erratic cure performance.


VANLINK™ TAC is a non-scorching coagent for the peroxide crosslinking of CPE, EPDM, EPR, EVA, Neoprene, polyethylene and polybutadiene polymers. It improves the state of curing or crosslinking efficiency and increases tensile strength and elongation, while retaining a high modulus and compression set resistance. Finds wide use in Wire & Cable, Hose, Belting.


ZINC OXIDE DISPERSION is a 60% active in water crosslinking agent for all carboxylated polymers and Neoprene latex. It is also an activator for sulfur cured latex polymers.

DIAK™ No. 7 Curative

Coagent for APA polymers; recommend using with VAROX® DBPH-50.

DIAK™No. 8 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

DIAK® No. 8 has certain advantages over DIAK® No.7. It has greater scorch safety, a higher melting point for easier handling and mixing, its mold flowout time is longer, allowing for better mold filling, and it provides a higher state of cure and better compression set resistance. DIAK® No. 8 should NOT be used in Viton™ APA polymers, since it will result in poor states of cure, poor compression set resistance and increased mold sticking and fouling.

DIAK™ No. 4 Curing Agent for Fluoroelastomers

Curing agent for fluoroelastomers. Particularly useful in B-type polymers for relatively safe processing and fast cures. Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.


VANLINK TAIC is a coagent for standard peroxide curable Viton™ G polymers and all Viton™ Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) polymers.