VAROX™ Organic Peroxide Accelerator

VAROX™ DBPH Organic Peroxide Accelerator

VAROX™ DBPH is an excellent crosslinking agent that can be used to vulcanize most elastomers and polyolefins.

VAROX™ DBPH-P20 Organic Peroxide Accelerator

Used as crosslinking agent and vis-breaking agent for polypropylene. 19.0 to 21.0% assay on an inert carrier.

VAROX™ DBPH-50 Organic Peroxide Accelerator

For the vulcanization or crosslinking of most elastomers and polyolefins such as EPDM, EPM, PE and NBR. 45.0 to 48.0% assay on an inert carrier.

VAROX™ 130-XL Organic Peroxide Accelerator

45-48% VAROX™ 130 on an inert carrier.

VAROX™ TBPB Organic Peroxide Accelerator

Organic peroxide crosslinking agent (t-Butyl perbenzoate) for silicone and other elastomers. 98% assay light yellow liquid, effective in the temperature range 132 to 173°C (265 to 345°F).

VAROX™ DICUMYL 99 Organic Peroxide Accelerator

VAROX™ DICUMYL 99 is a crystalline-powder organic peroxide crosslinking agent for: CR, EPM, EPDM, EVA BR, IR, NR, NBR, SBR and VMQ elastomers. It is also a crosslinking agent for LDPE. This widely acepted and extremely effective organic peroxide has a crosslinking temperature above 160°C , with no premature crosslinking (scorch) below 135°C. Recommended usage level is 0.5 - 4 phr. A strong odor of acetophenone, one of its decomposition products, is present during and after the crosslinking process.

VAROX™ 231-XL Organic Peroxide Accelerator

VAROX™ 231-XL peroxide crosslinking agents are very effective at low curing temperatures. VAROX™ 231-XL is most effective between 275°F and 350°F (135°C and 177°C.) VAROX™ 231-XL at 40% assay on an inert carrier.