Thiazole Accelerators

VANAX® 808 HP Accelerator

NR, SBR, CR, IIR, and latex accelerator of intermediate strength. Activator for acidic accelerators. Excellent for reclaims, hard rubber stocks and CR cements containing litharge. Latex vulcanizates age well. Also used as a secondary accelerator in CPE.

ALTAX® MBTS Accelerator

For natural and synthetic rubbers. Primary accelerator and scorch-modifying secondary accelerator in NR and SBR copolymers. Nonstaining; non-discoloring. Retarder/plasticizer in Neoprene (G types); cure modifier in W types.

CAPTAX® MBT Accelerator

Primary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers. Nonstaining and non-discoloring.

ZETAX® ZMBT Accelerator

This product is the preferred secondary accelerator in latex foam curing systems, and can also be used as a primary accelerator in natural and synthetic rubbers. This accelerator is nonstaining and nondiscoloring. ZETAX (ZMBT) is used in the same dosages as CAPTAX® (MBT) Accelerator.