Neoprene™ Liquid Dispersions

Neoprene 571 Liquid Dispersion

Neoprene 571 Liquid Dispersion (LD) contains a high modulus copolymer of chloroprene and sulfur made in an anionic colloidal system. Cured films based on Neoprene 571 have high strength in addition to good hot oil resistance and low permanent set. Neoprene 571 has a high modulus films for adhesives, coatings and dipped goods.

Neoprene 654 Liquid Dispersion

Neoprene 654 Liquid Dispersion (LD) is a high-solids, anionic, aqueous dispersion of a low-gel Neoprene polymer used primarily for fiber binding and coating applications. Its medium strength and good extensibility yields fibrous products having an excellent combination of internal bond strength, elongation, and folding endurance. This same combinations of properties allows for high-loadings with various fillers to produce durable low-cost industrial coatings.

Neoprene 671A Liquid Dispersion

Neoprene 671A Liquid Dispersion (LD) contains a high modulus polychloroprene homopolymer made in an anionic colloidal system. Good wet gel elongation and wet gel tensile strength make wet films of Neoprene 671A resistant to gel cracking, either alone or in blends with other Neoprene LD products such as Neoprene 571 or Neoprene 842A. Neoprene 671A is used for dipped goods, construction mastics, laminating adhesives, extruded thread, impregnated paper, bonded batts and contact bond adhesives.

Neoprene 750 Liquid Dispersion

Neoprene 750 is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of a crystallization-resistant Neoprene similar in this property to Neoprene WRT. It is anionic, is extremely stable toward natural shelf and heat aging, and immediately forms strong, highly extensible films when coagulated. Neoprene 750 liquid dispersion (LD) is a general purpose Neoprene LD that gives films characteristics much like those of natural rubber in softness and pliability, while retaining the superior properties of Neoprene. Due to its excellent crystallization resistance, products made with Neoprene 750 do not stiffen or lose their desirable snappiness with time. Films of very low modulus can be made with Neoprene 750, and wet-gel strength of freshly prepared films is excellent. Because of these properties, Neoprene 750 is outstanding for dipped goods and many other applications.

Neoprene 842A Liquid Dispersion

Neoprene Liquid Dispersion (LD) 842A contains a medium modulus polychloroprene homopolymer made in an anionic colloidal system. This LD gives medium strength cured films having a slow crystallization rate. Suggested end uses: bonded batts, laminating adhesives, impregnated paper, industrial coatings, dipped goods and elasticized aluminous cement.