Hard and Soft Kaolin Clay


Reinforcing filler and extender for all elastomers and latexes. Used as a filler in non-black stocks and as an extender in black stocks. Reinforces and stiffens uncured and cured stocks. Controls shrinkage in adhesive compounds. Used in coatings, primers, crack fillers and caulking compounds.

McNAMEE® Filler

Low cost reinforcer and inert filler for all elastomers. Used in non-black stocks of all types. Lighter color, and increases modulus less than DIXIE CLAY®.

PAR® Clay

Similar to DIXIE CLAY® except for particle size. Reinforcer and inert filler for all elastomers. Used in non-black compounds of all types.

PEERLESS™ 1 Extender

An extender pigment in coatings, primers, crack fillers, and caulking compounds. Reinforcing agent and filler for elastomers.

BILT-PLATES® 156 Filler

Grit-free hard clay. Similar reinforcement to water-washed clay, but more economical. Filler and extender for polymers and elastomers. Used in coatings such as primers, alkyd flats, and latex paints.