VANLUBE® 9123 Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-1, HX-2, 135575 - Laboratory evaluations show VANLUBE 9123 to be an excellent antiwear additive and rust inhibitor in a wide range of industrial oils and lubricating greases. VANLUBE 9123 can be used at levels up to 0.5% mass to formulate food-grade products complying with 21 CFR section 178.3570, "Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact."

VANLUBE® 7611M Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-2, 136048 - VANLUBE 7611M is an organic liquid additive containing sulfur and phosphorus. 4-Ball Wear tests show VANLUBE 7611M, at 20 kg load, is equivalent to typical zinc dialkyldithiophosphates. At 40 kg load, it is superior to these products. VANLUBE 7611M will improve the antiwear properties of sulfurized extreme pressure additives. It is a useful component for EP/antiwear lubricant formulations and additive packages. VANLUBE 7611M does not contain metallic elements. Thus, it is applicable to ashless and low ash formulations.