Extreme Pressure

VANLUBE® 829 Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-2, 138302 - Extensive laboratory evaluation has revealed that VANLUBE 829 possesses excellent extreme pressure properties when dispersed in various greases. It also functions as an antiwear agent and an antioxidant. VANLUBE 829 should be utilized in greases used in areas where extreme pressures prevail, such as steel mills and heavy equipment lubrication.

VANLUBE® 7723 Antioxidant

NSF® Certified: HX-1, HX-2, 136049 - VANLUBE 7723 is a general purpose, ashless antioxidant which should find application in petroleum lubricants of all types. It is effective at economical concentrations, readily soluble, and easy to blend. VANLUBE 7723 has been tested in a variety of base stocks commonly used in compounding turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils. In addition to being an effective antioxidant, VANLUBE 7723 also exhibits good extreme pressure performance alone and in combination with other additives. Useful as a component of additive packages.

VANLUBE® 73 Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-2, 137553 - One of the most versatile of the dithiocarbamate additives. VANLUBE 73 has excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure and antioxidant properties. It is used as an antiwear additive, bearing corrosion inhibitor in motor oils, gas engine oils, compressor oils, etc. It is used in lubricating greases of all types as an antioxidant, antiwear and extreme pressure additive.