Rust Inhibitors

VANLUBE® 9123 Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-1, HX-2, 135575 - Laboratory evaluations show VANLUBE 9123 to be an excellent antiwear additive and rust inhibitor in a wide range of industrial oils and lubricating greases. VANLUBE 9123 can be used at levels up to 0.5% mass to formulate food-grade products complying with 21 CFR section 178.3570, "Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact."

VANLUBE® RI-A Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: H2, 139738 - VANLUBE RI-A is an oil soluble rust inhibitor recommended for steam turbine oils, circulating oils, and hydraulic oils. In industrial gear oils with EP additives, we recommend levels at approximately 0.25%. VANLUBE RI-A is most effective in greases when used with a sulfonate such as VANLUBE RI-BA in a 50/50 ratio.