Amine Antioxidants


General purpose antioxidant in all elastomers. Sufficiently nonstaining, non-discoloring for most applications. One part with one part AGERITE RESIN D® Antioxidant gives heat resistant SBR formulation with good color retention. Non-blooming.

VANOX® 1001 Antioxdant

This product is a general-purpose antioxidant composed of alkylated diphenylamines. It is recommended for use in a wide variety of resin systems where moderate staining or discoloration is not critical. This product is synergistic with a number of phenolic antioxidants. Recommended use level for evaluation purposes is 0.5% based on resin weight. It is also a bi-functional antioxidant for PU foam. It inhibits oxidation while protecting against scorching during manufacture and bun storage.

VANOX® 1081 Antioxdant

This product is an aromatic-amine-type antioxidant recommended specifically for stabilizing polyamide-based hot melts that require optimum pot life and minimal discoloration at elevated temperatures. This product is widely used and preferred because of its low cost and high degree of effectiveness.


AGERITE STALITE® S is a strong amine antioxidant for a variety of polymers. It is sufficiently non-staining and non-discoloring for most applications. A 1:1 blend of AGERITE STALITE® with AGERITE RESIN D® provides some styrene-based polymers with improved heat resistance and good color retention. It also is usable to stabilize polyamide-based hot melts that require optimum pot life and minimal discoloration at elevated temperatures.

VANOX® CDPA Solid Antioxidant

VANOX CDPA Solid is a highly effective, high-melting, and nondiscoloring aromatic amine. It is used as a thermal stabilizer in polyolefins, PA, polyols, hot-melt adhesives, and styrenics. It provides excellent protection at processing temperatures, and it is a strong synergist with phenolic and phosphite antioxidants. It also provides excellent heat-aging properties when used with VANOX ZMTI.

VANOX® 961 Antioxidant

VANOX® 961 is a liquid amine antioxidant that suppresses scorch development during flexible polyurethane foam production. It provides additional benefits as an economical replacement for conventional solid diphenylamine-based antioxidants, often used in conjunction with hindered phenols by polyol manufacturers as their basic scorch inhibitor package. Blends composed of liquid hindered phenols and VANOX 961 are also stable at low temperatures and easier to convey with transfer pumps.

VANOX® CB30 Antioxidant

A low residual DPA alkylated diphenylamine that provides outstanding thermal and oxidative performance in demanding end-use applications. This product prevents discoloration/scorch and is synergistic with phenolics. Typical loading is 0.1-0.4%, and it is approved for indirect food content.
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