Specialty Blends

VANOX® 854 Antioxidant

This product is a specialty antioxidant blend specifically for use in PE applications. It is an excellent process stabilizer and a highly efficient antioxidant for long-term heat aging applications.

VANOX® 898 Antioxidant

This product is a processing stabilizer blend for use in mineral-filled polyolefins. It also reduces polymer degradation, which improves long-term heat aging and retention of physical properties.

VANOX® 1030 A Antioxidant

This antioxidant blend combines primary and secondary antioxidants that provide excellent long-term heat aging characteristics in PE and PP compounds.

VANOX® 981PP Antioxidant

This blend, patent number 8287765, significantly increases the color stability of thin-film PP materials to provide a more-consistent product over time. This product has the ability to increase the useful shelf life of a PP product by delaying the part's failure longer than competitive materials. Its powder form improves its incorporation into the polymeric compound.
The Plastics Product Reference Guide

The Plastics Product Reference Guide

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