Sulfur Compounds

VANLUBE® AZ Lubricant Additive

VANLUBE AZ is used in engine oils, in industrial oils, and in soap and clay-thickened greases. Used in both gasoline and diesel crankcase oils to inhibit oxidation, bearing corrosion and wear. Used in combination with detergents, it inhibits corrosion and wear by inhibiting oxidation of the oil and also by the formation of protective films on metal surfaces. Used as a partial replacement for zinc dithiophosphates. Because of its effectiveness at high temperatures, it is a good additive for crankcase oils in heavy duty service. In industrial oils and automatic transmission fluids it functions as a high temperature oxidation and corrosion inhibitor. Used in lubricating greases both as an oxidation inhibitor and metal deactivator. An excellent copper corrosion inhibitor of the film-forming type.

VANLUBE® 996E Antioxidant

VANLUBE 996E is a liquid, ashless antioxidant recommended for use in lubricating oils. It is a high sulfur content product with exceptional high temperature stability and excellent compatibility with yellow metals. VANLUBE 996E has been tested in a variety of base stocks, and it is ideal for formulating industrial lubricants e.g. compressor, hydraulic, turbine, natural gas engine and circulating oils. In addition, it also exhibits extreme pressure performance alone or in combination with other additives. Thus, it is a useful component for additive packages.

TPS™ 44 Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives

TPS™ 44 is di-tert-butyl polysulfide used in formulation of industrial and automotive gear oils and greases. It is cost effective source of thermally stable sulfur that provides good load-carrying and antiwear properties to applications where inactive sulfur is required.

TPS™ 32 Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives

TPS™ 32 is di-tert-dodecyl polysulfide with a high active sulfur content. It is a light colored and low odor extreme pressure additive designed for metalworking fluids used in the machining and forming of ferrous metals. TPS™ 32 is recommended for semi-synthetic metalworking fluids and can be used to formulate industrial and automotive greases.

TPS™ 20 Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives

TPS™ 20 is di-tert-dodecyl polysulfide used as an antiwear and extreme pressure additive in applications where inactive sulfur is required. It is recommended for metalworking fluids that are used in the machining and forming of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. TPS™ 20 is odorless and thus, it is especially suited for use in rolling oils. It is also an effective sulfur source for formulating automotive and industrial lubricants and greases.

VANLUBE® 0401 Lubricant Additive

VANLUBE® 0401 is a phosphorus-free synergistic blend of additives recommended for engine oils in order to control high temperature deposits, reduce friction and provide excellent wear and oxidation protection. It is an ideal lubricant additive for the formulation of energy-conserving low phosphorus engine oils.
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