VANLUBE® 829 Lubricant Additive

NSF® Certified: HX-2, 138302 - Extensive laboratory evaluation has revealed that VANLUBE 829 possesses excellent extreme pressure properties when dispersed in various greases. It also functions as an antiwear agent and an antioxidant. VANLUBE 829 should be utilized in greases used in areas where extreme pressures prevail, such as steel mills and heavy equipment lubrication.

VANLUBE® 972M Lubricant Additive

VANLUBE 972M, a thiadiazole derivative in triethylene glycol monobutyl ether/polyethylene glycol blend, is an ashless extreme pressure additive recommended for use in grease and some glycol-based lubricants. The advantages this product offers are: Contains NO metals, is liquid and easy to handle, has been shown to be ""readily"" biodegradable, has equivalent cost effectiveness to current metal - containing additives and does not have the strong sulfur odor that is typical of other sulfur EP additives. VANLUBE 972M is not soluble in mineral oils. Lubricant and greases formulated with recommended levels of VANLUBE 972M will not require eye irritant labeling.

VANLUBE® 972 NT Lubricant Additive

VANLUBE® 972 NT is a thiadiazole derivative in a polyalkylene glycol diluent blend which is HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants)-free and does not contain any SARA 313 TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) chemicals. It is an ashless extreme pressure additive recommended for use in grease, some polyalkylene glycols (PAG) and some synthetic esters. View Technical Data Sheet -
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