Aromatic Amines

VANLUBE® SL Antioxidant

General purpose antioxidant for industrial lubricants including compressor, hydraulic, turbine, gas engine and circulating oils. One of the most versatile amine antioxidants available for use in petroleum products. Used in greases of all types. Effective in both static and dynamic oxidation tests. An outstanding oxidation inhibitor in solvent refined oils of high VI. A good ashless antioxidant for use in automotive, diesel and aviation crankcase oils.

VANLUBE® NA Antioxidant

VANLUBE NA is a versatile liquid amine antioxidant with several advantages over other antioxidants of this type. The amine group in VANLUBE NA is hindered by oil-soluble alkyl groups which contribute to antioxidant efficiency by reducing some of the undesirable properties of other amines. VANLUBE NA is a general purpose antioxidant for turbine, hydraulic, circulating, compressor and other industrial oils. It is an effective non-discoloring grease antioxidant and is applicable to ashless crankcase oils for automotive, aviation, diesel and gas engine service. Synergistic effects are obtained with VANLUBE AZ and VANLUBE 73.

VANLUBE® 1202 Antioxidant

VANLUBE 1202 is an octylated phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine antioxidant for lubricants. It can be used in industrial and engine oils, especially when formulated with synthetic base stocks. General treat rate in lubricants is 0.1% to 2.0%, depending on the application and desired level of performance. VANLUBE 1202 offers good solubility in mineral oils and most non-conventional, synthetic base oils. It is an ashless (contains no metals) product with low volatility and excellent anti-sludging control, making it very useful in high temperature applications.

VANLUBE® 0401 Lubricant Additive

VANLUBE® 0401 is a phosphorus-free synergistic blend of additives recommended for engine oils in order to control high temperature deposits, reduce friction and provide excellent wear and oxidation protection. It is an ideal lubricant additive for the formulation of energy-conserving low phosphorus engine oils.

VANLUBE® PA Lubricant additives

A synergistic blend of phenolic and aminic antioxidants to provide enhanced oxidation protection in lubricants.
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