B Family - 68% Fluorine Terpolymers

VITON™ B-202 Sheet Fluoroelastomer

Viton™ B-202 Sheet is a low viscosity, B-type gum polymer that demonstrates improved processing and rheology when compared with existing fluoroelastomers. Viton™ B-202 is designed to be cured with either Viton™ Curative No. 30 or Viton™ Curative No. 50. When using Viton™ Curative No. 30, use Viton™ Curative No. 20 in a ratio of about 1.8 Viton™ Curative No. 30 to Viton™ Curative No. 20. When using Viton™ Curative No. 50, use 0.3 - 0.5 phr or Viton™ Curative No. 20 to ensure a fast cure rate. Note that Viton™ Curatiave No. 20 can be difficult to mix into low viscosity stocks, such as those based on Viton™ B-202, and careful attention needs to be paid to mixing procedures.Compared with other B-family terpolymers, Viton™ B-202 provides low viscosity, improved processing, increased mold flow and excellent mold release. Applications: transfer and injection molding of complex shapes, extrusions (e.g., fuel hose and tubing), solution coatings of fabrics, tanks or chemical containers Viton™ B-202 can be blended with other Viton™ types to modify viscosity, enhance processibility and/or improve flow.

VITON™ B-600 Sheet Fluoroelastomer

Viton™; B-600 is a gum polymer that demonstrates improved terpolymer processing and lower compound viscosity, along with the excellent heat and fluid resistance characteristics of the "B-family" or Viton™. Viton™ B-600 is especially suited to curing with the bisphenol system: Viton™; Curative No. 20 and Viton™ Curative No. 30 or Viton™ Curative No. 50. Applications: Viton™ B-600 is highly recommended for applications like: Molded goods, e.g., shaft seals and calendered goods, e.g., flue duct expansion joints.
VANFRE® Processing Aids

VANFRE® Processing Aids

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Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

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