Curatives and Processing Aids

VITON™ VPA No. 2 Flake Processing Aid

Effective extrusion aid. Some adverse effect on high-temp compression set.

VITON™ VPA No. 3 Powder Processing Aid

Provides best mold release. Best suited for automated part removal.

VITON™ Curative No. 20 Pellets Curative

Controls scorch, cure rate and cure time. Can be used to accelerate cure rate of curative containing polymers.

VITON™ Curative No. 30 Pellets Curative

Controls state of cure, duro, modulus, elongation and compression set.

VITON™ VPA No. 1 PDR Processing Aid

In all molded goods for smooth performs, excellent mill and mold release.

VITON™ Curative No. 50 Pellets Curative

Viton™ VC 20, Viton™ VC 30 and Viton™ VC 50 provides: reduced mold fouling, faster cure without much loss in scorch, and decreased metal adhesion. Only bisphenol compliant with FDA applications.

DIAK™ No. 7 Curative

Coagent for APA polymers; recommend using with VAROX® DBPH-50.

DIAK™ No. 1 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

FDA compliant. Scorchier than DIAK™ No.4. Good hot tensile, and excellent metal adhesion. Better c/s, physicals, and aging than DIAK™ No. 3.

DIAK™ No. 3 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

Cheapest, non-FDA, and mold dirtying. Safer processing than DIAK™ No.4 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers.

DIAK™ No. 8 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

VAROX DBPH-50 for all G types. Less scorchier than DIAK™ No. 7 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers with better mold filling, improved state of cure and c/s. Do NOT use with APA polymers.

DIAK™ No. 4 Curing Agent for Fluoroelastomers

Curing agent for fluoroelastomers. Particularly useful in B-type polymers for relatively safe processing and fast cures. Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.
VANFRE® Processing Aids

VANFRE® Processing Aids

The Vanderbilt Chemicals Rubber Department, now carry a whole line of processing aids, with different properties and qualities to fit your needs. Learn about our different products and find the one that's right for you!
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Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

This guide provides a comprehensive list of our key products, organized by category and application.
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