Crosslinking and Vulcanizing Agents

VANAX® PML Accelerator

Fast curing vulcanizing agent for CR compounds. Can be used in G-, W- and T-type Neoprene for both wire & cable and mechanical goods. An activator and mild antioxidant in NR and SBR.

VANAX® 829 Accelerator

VANAX 829 is a high performance thiadiazole used to crosslink chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), which possesses good heat and solvent resistance suitable for many hose, tube, and duct applications, as well as the abrasion and environmental resistance required by Wire & Cable jacketing. CPE can be crosslinked by either a peroxide or thiadiazole. However, peroxides develop a tacky surface if exposed to air, as can occur in extrusion applications. The traditional thiadiazole cure (Echo® A) suffers from poor bin storage stability and erratic cure performance.

DIAK™ No. 3 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

Non-FDA compliant. Safer processing than DIAK™ No. 1 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers. In general, the compression set and physical properties obtained with DIAK™ No.3 are not quite as good as with DIAK™ No. 1.

DIAK™ No. 1 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers

FDA compliant. Better compression set, original and heat-aged physicals than DIAK™ No. 3 Curing Agent for Fluorelastomers. Good hot-tensile and excellent metal adhesion. Scorchier than DIAK™ No. 3.

DIAK™ No. 4 Curing Agent for Fluoroelastomers

Curing agent for fluoroelastomers. Particularly useful in B-type polymers for relatively safe processing and fast cures. Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.
Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

Over 400 Products for Rubber Compounding

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