VANOX® ZMTI Antioxidant

A well-known antioxidant synergist in elastomers and TPRs. For use in adhesives which will be consistently exposed to high temperatures, or intermittently to very high temperatures. Its virtually unapproachable melting point also suggests outstanding performance in high performance hot melts. Excellent copper metal chelator for waterborne adhesives and products. This product is also available in convenient, ready-to-use water dispersion.

VANOX® MTI Antioxidant

A nondiscoloring, nonstaining antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubbers. Recommended as a synergist with AGERITE® STALITE® S Antioxidant, AGERITE SUPERFLEX® SOLID G and AGERITE RESIN D®. This product is especially effective in the adhesives industry as it does not affect the surface tack.

VANOX® SPL Slurry Antioxidant

A convenient 50% active blend of a phenolic antioxidant and VANOX® ZMTI. This antioxidant provides excellent heat and aging resistance in gloves, threads, adhesives, and carpet backing, and also helps to increase the whiteness and brightness of latex articles.

VANOX® ZMTI Slurry Antioxidant

This antioxidant synergist helps to improve the heat resistance and aging properties of natural and synthetic latexes. This 50% active product comes pre-dispersed in water making it very easy to use. Additionally this product helps to increase the whiteness and brightness of latex compounds.