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Vanderbilt Chemicals Press Release
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC to distribute Solvay’s Tecnoflon® line of Fluroelastomers in North America (Sept 2020)
Solvay taps Vanderbilt Chemicals to distribute Tecnoflon® fluoroelastomers
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Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC Launches New Website
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About Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC

R. T. Vanderbilt Company opened its doors for business on 42nd Street in New York City in 1916. It was started by a 31-year-old named Robert Thurlow Vanderbilt who had $1,000 of his own, a $24,000 family loan, and a contract to sell clay for a company in the South.

The Company employs 420 men and women, selling throughout the United States and in some 80 countries around the world. We expect our growth to continue. As long as we produce quality minerals and chemicals and render a useful service to our customers, there will always be a market for the products of R.T. Vanderbilt Holding Company, Inc.

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