NSF® Certified HX-1, 143815 - VANLUBE 81 is similar chemically to VANLUBE SS but is a better high temperature oxidation inhibitor because of its high purity and high p,p'-dioctyldiphenylamine content. VANLUBE 81 can be used in a variety of petroleum and synthetic lubricants where an ashless oxidation inhibitor with good high temperature properties is needed. Effective in silane, siloxane, silicone and diester fluids at concentrations of 0.5 to 2.0% and temperature of 400 to 500°F. In lubricating greases, VANLUBE 81 is effective in both oxidation bomb tests and in high speed spindle tests. Siloxane greases containing 2% VANLUBE 81 have given outstanding results in bearing performance tests at 350°F. Has a good color stability. Widely used as a high temperature antioxidant in jet engine oils.

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Sales Spec Sheet