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Seals, gaskets, hoses and O-rings made from Tecnoflon® FKM more durable and significantly longer lasting than those made from other synthetic rubbers. Components retain their flexibility and strength in extreme operating temperatures, ranging from -55°C to 250°C (-67°F to 482°F). Tecnoflon® FKM is highly resistant to fuels, powertrain fluids, and exhaust, and its low permeation helps decrease the impact of evaporative emissions.

  • Fuel Injector O-rings made from Tecnoflon® FKM provide reliable performance where extended component life is essential, such as fuel injector O-rings, fuel hoses and seals. The material is compatible with a wide range of fluids and chemicals, including automotive lubricants, fuels and additives.
  • Turbocharger Hoses used in air management systems must withstand exit air temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) as well as prolonged exposure to pulsating pressure and acid gas. Tecnoflon® FKM allows turbocharger hoses to remain flexible at temperatures below freezing, making it possible to have a small bending radius to fit in tight space and to prevent leakage.


Select Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM grades formulated for semiconductor manufacturing meet the industry’s stringent requirements for purity, chemical resistance, and thermal performance. Typical applications include high-performance seals, gaskets, and O-rings for process equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits or semiconductors.

Oil & Gas

Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM products offer a wide selection of fluorinated synthetic rubbers that withstand the rigors of downhole, subsea, and surface environments in the Oil & Gas industry. These materials withstand rapid gas decompression, offer excellent resistance to H2S, and deliver reliable performance at low temperatures. Typical applications include stators for pumps and motors, packer elements, and all types of sealing applications.

Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM retain their low compression set overtime at temperatures in excess of 150°C (302°F), resulting in better seals with a higher, constant sealing force than materials like HNBR. The long-lasting performance of these materials helps reduce maintenance and shutdown times, thereby lowering overall costs.

Tecnoflon® SHP 84 is a peroxide curable SHP-FFKM grade that offers the best chemical resistance to the widest range of fluids and chemicals used in the O&G and chemical processing industries.

Chemical Processing Industry

Peroxide curable Tecnoflon® FFKM provides the best possible sealing performance in harsh environments. Seals, gaskets and O-rings made from Tecnoflon® perfluoroelastomers are used extensively in the chemical processing industry to improve uptime performance by reducing seal failures.


Wearable smart device wristbands and straps made from Tecnoflon® FKM deliver a premium texture that feels silky and soft to touch. The material provides the resiliency and durability to stand up to daily use in a wide range of conditions, including sweat, stain and UV resistance. Tecnoflon® FKM offers exceptional suppleness for improved fit and comfort. In addition, Tecnoflon® FKM offers excellent colorability, allowing manufacturers to easily match popular colors.


The purity and high quality of Tecnoflon® FFKM grades are used to produce high-performance O-rings and pistons that provide safe, long-lasting seals for medical equipment, even in the presence of oxygen gas, alcohols, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine solutions, as well as sterilizing media such as steam, UV or ozone.

Tecnoflon® FFKM perfluoroelastomers deliver the ultimate sealing performance in extreme conditions, having a fluorine content ≥72%. Products include high-purity grades used in semiconductor fabrication, grades for extreme operating temperatures, and grades that provide exceptional chemical resistance at extremely high temperatures.

Solvay Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM Family of Polymers

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