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Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC provide specialized additives to assist the lubricant manufacturer in meeting industrial specifications for gear oil. Today the industrial development trend is toward gears operating under heavy loads and higher temperatures, smaller sumps and higher power density. Our uniquely designed extreme pressure, antiwear additives and corrosion inhibitors can help our customers to improve efficiency and productivity. We also formulate customized cost effective gear additive packages that can enhance EP performance, micropitting resistance, oxidative properties, and lower sludge-forming tendency. At the same time, our special gear oil additives can reduce oil consumption and extend machinery life and thereby reduce cost of operation.
Lubricant Additive
VANLUBE 0902 is a metal free multifunctional additive package designed for use in U. S. Steel 224 and AGMA 9005 gear oils, GC-LB automotive greases and industrial greases.
Industrial Gear Oil Additive Package
VANLUBE® 4620 Lubricant Additive Package is a blend of several additives for use in preparing Industrial Gear Oil fluids with good extreme pressure (EP) protection.